Friday, December 31, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Haiku Reader anthology 

for haiku during 2022

The Haiku Reader FAQ page for haiku published from: 


January 1st 2022 to December 2022

You can nominate as many haiku (and senryu) all through 2022 right up to the last day of December! 

What is the submission email address?

The Haiku Reader” <>

Can someone who doesn't write haiku nominate haiku poets?

I don't see why not! Simply send six published or contest placed haiku by six different poets!

What is the blog address?

The Haiku Reader blog:

How do I know my email and nominations have been received?

The auto response will be your receipt that your work has been received.

If you haven’t received an answer, check if the email address was put in correctly. 

Or did it go to Spam for some reason?

If you cannot find the auto response receipt email in Spam or Junk, resend, fingers crossed!


Questions will be answered indirectly by updating this FAQ section on a regular basis throughout the year.

The auto response reply with submissions will include the FAQ web link which will provide more information and answers for your questions.

Where required, the auto response message will also be updated.

How do I know about updates

The blog pages will be updated throughout the year, so it’s a good idea if you can keep checking at least occasionally.

Is it only published haiku that I can nominate?

You can nominate your own haiku that have never been published, even rejected many times. This is another opportunity to have the recognition your haiku or senryu deserves!

Those haiku from other poets have to be either published, or nominated with their knowledge and permission.

is it only haiku that I can nominate?

Happy to look at senryu too!

What kind of haiku?

haiku in plain text, one, two, three, or four lines.

experimental? If in plain text.

Do you accept senryu?

I’m willing to look at them too.

Editors can nominate senryu as well!

Do you accept haiku that come from a haibun?

Yes, if the haiku was written and first published in 2022

How do I know if I’m in the anthology?

An email will be sent next year, if your haiku (or senryu) is accepted, and it will ask you to check if THR has your haiku correct.

What is the Maximum accepted from any single author that could appear in the anthology? 

Up to 3 haiku from journals

up to 3 haiku from contests

A maximum of six per author in total per anthology

The Haiku Reader accepts both haiku and senryu nominations!

Do you accept tanka? 

Not for the foreseeable future.

Would you accept haiku (and senryu) from shahai [photo+haikai verse] or haiga (art+haikai verse)

As long as the haiku or senryu is first published in 2022

Do you accept hokku?

(standalone or part of a renga, renku)

Of course!

Haiku from rengay gladly accepted!

Individual haiku that came from a sequence?

Of course!

Do you take haiku from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc...?
Of course, if it's haiku!

Questions and Answers will be updated/added throughout 2022.

Alan Summers
The Haiku Reader

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